Athena Leadership Corp.
Contact: Ryan Coffin

Athena Leadership Corp. Launches First Hedge Fund

Athena Leadership Fund LP Focuses on Gender Equality in the Workplace and Advancing Leadership Opportunities for Women in Corporate America

Sacramento, August 5, 2014:  Women owned Athena Leadership Corp. announced the launch of a new hedge fund, Athena Leadership Fund LP.  The Fund debuts a unique combination of investment strategy and social mission of creating and growing gender equality and advancing leadership opportunities for women in corporate America.

Athena Leadership Corp. believes that the market is ready for a portfolio investment strategy that promotes gender equality in the workplace and advances corporate leadership in the boardroom is now.  The Fund’s investments should be dual focused, both attempting to appreciate in value and support a cause that benefits business and society.  Athena Leadership Fund LP looks to accomplish these goals by taking an active approach investing in securities utilizing a proprietary analytics metric based on women’s leadership roles in the portfolio companies, in an effort to generate long-term capital appreciation.

Tina Park, Senior Portfolio Advisor, commented.  “This fund combines traditional investment objectives, such as seeking a solid return on investment, with promoting positive social change, to allow people to make a difference in a cause they believe in.”

Athena Leadership Corp’s principal officers include Jennifer Pulliam, Dr. Heather Coffin, Josh Pulliam and Ryan Coffin.  Athena Leadership Corp. also acts as the General Partner and portfolio manager of Athena Leadership Fund LP.

Assisting with the management of the Fund is a hand picked Advisory Board chosen for their expertise in various areas of business.  The Advisory Board consists of Kathy Johnson, Dana Williamson, Diane Green and Bob Balgenorth.